Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a few questions I am frequently asked.

Q: Can Ultrasound harm my bitch or her pups.
A: Ultrasound scanning is very safe. There is no indication that it will harm either the bitch if performed by an experienced trained operative.

Q: How many pups will I get
A: It is not possible to tell the exact number of pups in a litter, as they can move and hide behind each other, it is also possible that some may not survive and be re-absorbed by the mothers body, but it should be possible to give a guestimate - a rough idea - of what to expect.

Q: Can we have a picture
A: I can save pictures of the scan to a memory stick and these can be transferred to a suitable device or emailed to you.

Q: Does it hurt the dog or pup when you insert a micro chip
A: The needle I use is very sharp, the animal will only feel a quick pinch, most dogs and pups seem unaware that the chip has been inserted and do not seem at all bothered by the procedure.

Q: Can the chip move.
A: Very occasionally a chip will move, or even come out completely. Normally they stay pretty much where they are put. If a pup has it's neck rubbed or is pulled around by a litter mate shortly after the chip is inserted, and before it has had a chance to settle the chip may then move as it is only placed just under the skin and not into the muscle.